The essential tool for Project Licence Holders to collate, audit and output data for the ASPA Annual Returns of Procedures in the UK

Updated as required by European Directive 2010/63/EU and ASPA revision 2013


  "We have completed our RoP 2014 data now and exported this into the RoP form from HOTrak. Once we had our templates set up, the data inputting was straightforward, as was exporting the info to the RoP form."
A university research department using the updated 2014 HOTrak for the new returns procedure.

“Just finalising my HO Returns with HOTrak – I love it!  It makes my life so much easier.  Expect an order for next year’s licence soon.  I am also writing my retrospective review document for the Ethical Review Panel and there is a section on, ‘How did you find administering/supervising the project licence’ – I will make sure that HOTrak is mentioned with a short explanation as this has had a significant impact.”
A HOTrak user since 2003

"For the cost of this software it may be beneficial for PPL Holders to use HOTrak for recording their annual returns under the new legislation."
A long-time user of HOTrak at a northern university


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